Fleet management

Fleet management

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Continental’s Ffeet management technology offers businesses of all shapes and sizes multiple benefits. For a start, it allows them to monitor operations efficiently, serving as a digital blueprint for promoting efficient and safe driving. Our management service helps to decrease risk and drive down costs—a win-win. In many ways, it has become an essential tool for businesses now.


Fleet management may include a variety of functions, such as leasing and financing of vehicles, vehicle maintenance, licenses and compliance, supply chain management, accident management, and monitoring and diagnosis, driver management, speed management, fuel management, health, and safety management.

A fleet management system makes one person's life much easier: the fleet manager.This is an individual who's responsible for managing vehicles across their life cycles. Not only do they have to track down vehicles and buy or lease the right ones, they also have to stay on top of maintenance and ensure that repairs are made in a timely manner.

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Beyond this, fleet managers also need to set schedules, ensure drivers receive adequate training and don't drive more hours than they should, and direct drivers to provide relevant documentation to customers on each delivery.



  • Improve driver safety
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Real-time updates and insights
  • Custom reporting helps increase efficiency and cuts costs
  • Improve vehicle maintenance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve route planning
  • Enhancing safety for employees, customers and other motorist

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