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Unveiling the Wonders of Kerala: Embark on the Ultimate Road Trip Adventure (14 Places)

Kerala, fondly known as “God’s Own Country,” offers an enchanting mix of rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant communities. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or adventure seeker, a road trip through Kerala promises an unforgettable experience. Here’s an ideal itinerary to explore the best of Kerala.

Munnar: The Green Paradise

Start your journey in Munnar, a picturesque hill station known for its sprawling tea plantations, rolling hills, and cool climate. Visit the Tea Museum, take a scenic drive to Mattupetty Dam, and trek through the lush Eravikulam National Park to spot the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.

Devikulam: A Serene Escape

Just a short drive from Munnar, Devikulam offers serene landscapes and pristine lakes. Visit the Sita Devi Lake, which is believed to have curative powers, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings and lush greenery.

Kochi: The Queen of the Arabian Sea

Head to Kochi, a vibrant port city with a rich colonial history. Explore the historical Fort Kochi area, visit the iconic Chinese fishing nets, and stroll through the charming streets of Jew Town. Don’t miss the beautiful Paradesi Synagogue and the Mattancherry Palace.

Alleppey: The Venice of the East

Drive to Alleppey, famous for its intricate network of backwaters. Enjoy a relaxing houseboat cruise through the serene backwaters, witness the lush paddy fields, and experience the unique lifestyle of the local communities. The annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a must-see event if you’re visiting in August.

Thekkady: Wildlife and Spice Plantations

Continue to Thekkady, home to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Go on a boat safari in Periyar Lake to spot wildlife such as elephants, tigers, and various bird species. Visit the spice plantations and learn about the cultivation of spices like cardamom, pepper, and cloves.

Kumarakom: A Backwater Haven

Next, visit Kumarakom, another beautiful backwater destination. Explore the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, take a houseboat ride on Vembanad Lake, and relax in the serene surroundings. The tranquil environment makes it a perfect spot for nature lovers.

Thrissur: The Cultural Capital

Drive to Thrissur, known as the cultural capital of Kerala. Visit the grand Vadakkunnathan Temple, explore the Thrissur Zoo and Museum, and experience the vibrant Thrissur Pooram festival if you’re visiting in April or May.

Kottayam to Vagamon: Scenic Beauty

Travel from Kottayam to Vagamon, a hill station known for its lush green landscapes, meadows, and pine forests. Enjoy paragliding over the scenic hills, visit the Vagamon Pine Forest, and relax by the picturesque Vagamon Lake.

Kozhikode to Wayanad: A Nature Lover’s Delight

Drive from Kozhikode to Wayanad, a district known for its natural beauty and wildlife. Visit the Edakkal Caves with their ancient petroglyphs, trek to the scenic Chembra Peak, and explore the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Don’t miss the beautiful Meenmutty and Soochipara Waterfalls.

Varkala Beach: A Coastal Gem

Head to Varkala Beach, known for its unique cliff formations and stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Relax on the sandy beach, visit the ancient Janardana Swami Temple, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the cliff-side cafes and shops.

Kannur: Beaches and Culture

Drive to Kannur, a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. Visit the Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, explore the historical St. Angelo Fort, and experience a traditional Theyyam performance.

Kerala Backwaters: A Unique Experience

Take a detour to experience the Kerala backwaters, a unique network of lagoons, lakes, and canals. Explore the backwaters in a traditional houseboat, enjoy the serene surroundings, and witness the rural lifestyle of the local communities.

Thiruvananthapuram: The Capital City

Head to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Visit the iconic Padmanabhaswamy Temple, explore the Napier Museum and Zoo, and relax at the beautiful Kovalam Beach. The city offers a perfect blend of historical landmarks and natural beauty.

Athirappilly: The Niagara of India

Conclude your road trip with a visit to Athirappilly, home to the majestic Athirappilly Waterfalls, often referred to as the “Niagara of India.” Enjoy the breathtaking views of the cascading waters and the lush green surroundings. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers.


A road trip through Kerala offers a perfect blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and thrilling adventures. From picturesque hill stations and serene backwaters to vibrant cities and majestic waterfalls, this journey promises an enriching experience for every traveller. Pack your bags, hit the road, and explore the incredible treasures of Kerala.